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AC United: Summer/Fall 2020 Return to Play Plan

In addition to the general procedures outlined starting on the next page, AC United will follow EPYSA’s “Restart 2020” guidelines for phasing a return to play with the following tentative dates (subject to change).  Note the guidelines outlined beginning on the next page are to be followed in ALL phases.  However, each phase has additional restrictions (noted below) which ease as we progress.

Dates are subject to change!

Phase 1: July 20 (Mon) - July 31 (Fri)

Teams may begin to practice with no-contact drills, social distancing, and no parents/spectators allowed on field. Teams are not allowed to scrimmage other teams (in or out of AC United) or participate in tournaments. Coaches must wear masks.

Phase 2: Aug 1 (Sat) - Aug 13 (Thrs)

Teams may begin to run contact-based drills during practice as well as scrimmage with other AC United teams (no outside teams or tournaments). Coaches must wear masks.

Phase 3: - Aug 14 (Fri)  - Sept 7 (Labor Day)

Teams may schedule scrimmages with other local clubs (who must be from a location also in the Green phase) and participate in local tournaments. Traveling to tournaments that require an overnight stay is strongly discouraged.

Phase 4: Sept 8 (Tues)  

it is currently expected that the ICSL season will begin. If Pennsylvania is still in the green phase the procedures outlined below will be followed at all times.

Protocols for Resuming Play During Green Phase




Traveling to and from

Players are encouraged to carpool only with members of the same household who live together. Players must wear a mask to and from the practice or playing field.

Practice Fields

There will be no more than one team practicing per playing field. This will reduce the number of people on a field at any given time.


General Distancing and Hygiene Guidelines

Although soccer is a contact sport, coaches should consider the CDC guidance on consideration for youth sports to modify practices and games to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus. Specific topics of consideration include:

  • Focus practices on individual skill building

  • Avoid huddles; ensure proper distance between players when addressing the team.

  • Remind players to avoid shaking hands, fist bumps, or high fives before, during or after games and practices.

  • Limit unnecessary physical contact with teammates, other athletes, coaches, officials, and spectators.

  • Maintain appropriate social distancing at all times possible, including in the field of play, rooms, sidelines, bench and other areas.

  • No sharing drinks, snacks, or personal equipment (e.g. goalie gloves)

  • No gum, seeds, or spitting

  • Have hand sanitizer available

Players do not wear masks during training and competition but must wear a mask when not in the field of play.


Coaches are allowed on field and sideline with players but will maintain social distancing of 6 feet and wear masks


None. We will take a “Drop & Go” approach.

Parents/Caregivers drop off their player adjacent to the field but not enter the field area. If a parent feels the need to stay at practice they must remain in their vehicle.

  • See our field page for maps of team and spectator seating arrangements.

  • Socially distance (6 feet) from each other if not from the same household.

  • Wear face masks.

  • Not allowed to enter the field before, during, or after a game.

Health Monitoring

  • Parents should assess the health of their child prior to the practice or game and NOT bring the player if the player shows ANY signs or symptoms. Our success will largely depend on the self-monitoring and smart decisions made by families.

  • A team representative will perform a wellness check prior to each practice/game. No player or coach is allowed onto the field without a wellness check. Wellness check includes:

  • Team or club representative who has completed the required background checks.

  • Team representatives will ask a few questions of each coach/player and record the answers on the wellness check sheet.

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided to the player/coach after the wellness check is completed.

  • Team appointed representatives must also maintain a complete list of coaches, players, and employees present at each event to include the date, beginning and ending time of the event. If the individual is not a player or coach, the team representative must also obtain name, address, and phone contact. This information will be made available upon request from the local health district.

Identifying and Handling Potential and Confirmed Cases

During practice or game

A coach or team representative must iImmediately isolate and seek medical care for any individual who develops symptoms. The coach must report the incident to the club who will follow notification procedures outlined below.

Outside practice or game

Once the season starts, parents must notify [email protected] if their child or someone in the participant’s home is presumptive positive or tests positive for COVID. Coaches must do the same for themselves.

Notification procedures

AC United will notify participants who came in contact with any individual of potential exposure following CDC guidelines and HIPAA regulations on confidentiality. AC United will inform those individuals who came in contact, but will not reveal the name of the individual with symptoms or diagnosis.

Return Procedures

The player or coach must have a doctor’s note before they can return back to practice.

Please note activities may be suspended or cancelled in the event of a known COVID-19 exposure for a team.

Key Contact

For all AC United COVID related policy questions and concerns, the individual name below will serve as the point of contact.

Name: JC Escobar
Position: President
Contact: [email protected]


CDC Considerations fo Youth Sports

EPYSA Return to Play Protocols

EPYSA Stages of Restart in Green Phase